Thursday, February 8, 2018

Audiobook Narration Reviews:

Maximum Volume

"This listening experience is a treat! Kenneth Womack's examination of George Martin's life will entertain those who fondly remember, and those who enjoy, the "British invasion" of popular music in the 1960s. Paul Woodson provides a beautifully professional narration with British inflections throughout. His timing, pacing, and flair are simply perfect. The record producer who initially spurned and later embraced the four lads from Liverpool is profiled in grand style. Martin's production work with Ella Fitzgerald, Shirley Bassey, Cilla Black, and many others, is examined with meaningful behind-the-scenes narratives. The audiobook's greatest strength is a perfect level of detail to maintain the listener's interest. This is the first of two intended volumes--this one ends in 1966. It sounds like more great listening lies ahead." —AudioFile Magazine


"Koeppel’s popular book about banana science, culture, cultivation, and consumption poses a challenge for audiobook narrator Paul Woodson, which he fully meets. Koeppel shifts back and forth from a lighthearted study of the role bananas play in our lives in the U.S. to the tragic blood-soaked history of banana cultivation in the tropics around the world, particularly in Central America. Woodson must find a tone suitably somber to discuss the machine-gun massacre of workers in Colombia and suitably lighthearted to discuss the Chiquita banana song at length. With his smooth baritone, he does an excellent job. His pronunciation is clear, and his pacing as always good. He conveys his interest in his subject—whether it’s banana genetics, the Bay of Pigs fiasco, or Wall Street corporate takeovers." —AudioFile Magazine

The Efficiency Expert

"Here Paul Woodson's spirited delivery enhances one of Burroughs's few realistic stories, which also parallels his own life. It's 1921 when Jimmy Torrance, who barely finished college, moves to Chicago in search of a good job. Woodson's Torrance is enthusiastic and meets every obstacle with confidence and optimism." —AudioFile Magazine 

Captured by the Pirate Laird

"Paul got inside the heads of the main characters with this thrilling tale. He WAS Anne, he WAS the Laird. His voice only enhanced this exciting story as the emotional tone of the characters flowed exquisitely through the telling." - Eileen Dandashi, Booktalk with Eileen

"A good story with a wonderful narrator…This is the first audio book that I have listened to with Mr. Paul Woodson narrating and I really enjoyed his narration– of one of my favorites. Mr. Woodson has such a wonderful modulated quality to his voice that makes it really a joy to listen to and is able to change the tone of his voice with each character from Calum to Wharton, Denton, and Bran, who is a child, and lastly Anne, the heroine of the book. I really enjoyed Mr. Woodson’s pleasant vibrant voice and would definitely listen to more of his narration of any audio books again!" -  Roslynn, Audible Reviewer

"…All his Scottish characters had brogues that were easily distinguished between each one and the Hero's voice was very sexy." - Carolyn, Audible Reviewer

To Bewitch a Highlander

"Loved his accent, first of all, and the way he could use his voice and still differentiate between the characters. There was no question as to whether characters he was reading were male or female.  I particularly liked his interpretation of Aidan - he always made me laugh! I will listen to more of Mr. Woodson's performances in the future." - Plaidninja814, Audible Reviewer

Highland Thunder

"Loved it"
"What a great story and narrated by Paul Woodson made it even better than when I read it. Loved the connection between the main characters, Duncan and Brenna, despite their difficulty in reaching their HEA, but when they finally connect it is wonderful. Adding the voice of Mr. Woodson made it almost real, his deep voice, full of passion and the Scottish burr makes my heart melt." - Seelk, Audible Reviewer

Highland Solution

"Mr. Woodson really brings this story to life; his accents, pitches, emotions come across beautifully. You've got to listen to this!!!" - Seelk, Audible Customer Reviewer

His Scottish Pet (under pseudonym)
"Breathtaking! I love this erotic Scottish story and to listen it from a voice with a sexy Scottish accent... Swoon.... Listening like this, added one more pleasure to the whole experience of this book!!" - Maria, Audible Customer

"The gentleman that reads it for you will make you melt!" - Coleen Deneroy, Goodreads

How to Raise an Honest Rabbit (under pseudonym)

"I loved the narrator's voice. He made Jeremy sound like a con man at times, which he was, and lost and confused, which he was even more often. Aiden, just amazing." - Princess, Audible

"Narration is great – his voice is distinctive and age appropriate for the characters, and is pleasant to listen to. Perhaps the best compliment I can give the narration is that at times I became to engrossed in the story that I simply forgot he was narrating a story. He never becomes a distraction and makes the characters come to life. A simple delight." - Leisa, Prism Book Alliance

Blackbird Knitting in a Bunny's Lair (under pseudonym)

"[The narrator] did a great job performing this story. He brought these characters to life and showcased their emotions spectacularly." - PizzyGirl, Prism Book Alliance

Knitter in His Natural Habitat (under pseudonym)

"[This narrator's] best yet. His Johnny interpretation was fantastic but he excelled with the swishy yet cranky Stanley. This is his range, as it were, at its best." - Morgan A Skye, Amazon

"I felt this narrator did a good job on this story. His voices for the characters were distinct and spot on for what I would picture for these men. His accents were great and the emotion came across easily." - PizzyGirl, Prism Book Alliance

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